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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Foto Seksi Merah Angel Lelga Bareng Aurel

Angel Lelga

Angel Lelga

Angel Lelga

Angel Lelga: Men's Much But There Is No Commitment

Artist Angel Lelga was touched be together orphans in celebrating its 26th birthday in Yayasan Al-Anshor, Friday (7 / 1). Her arrival was just wanted to share and provide motivation in children are less fortunate.

"Nice, really moved well, so more and feel grateful, because it can be said they have not got parents who complete. Here would give motivation also, although those with conditions like that, but that dream can not die. We must have a dream that very large. I'm here want for happiness, for sustenance, for the year 2010 gained a lot of sustenance, "said Angel Lelgaat Yayasan Al-Anshor, Jl.Anugrah I, Jati Cempaka, Bekasi, on Friday (7 / 1).

Angel Lelga who had falsified the age when they want to get married, said he did not pray specifically to soon have a spouse. All will be lived over time. While prayers were offered, is the hope to remain successful in the entertainment world waterproof.

"Birthday is actually sad because increased adult. Pingin I do not pray to your partner, run it. I pray guard fortune, keep the career to be able to help people," she explained.

Problem was actually ex-wife's boyfriend Rhoma Irama was approached by many men, but until now they are still regarded as a friend. No decision to establish as a special friend or boyfriend.

"I'm a man's lot, but we have not committed. They again waited. I do not want to say it's boyfriends, just good friends, I do not want to have a bond first, because the run course, still wants to focus her because yesterday had left behind. I believe mate will be given, "she explained.